Department of Tamil

Tamil is a rich language; rich in heritage, usability, versatility and culture. Languages are a means of transmitting the cultural traditions of ethnic groups to the second and later generations. The great and the most powerful gift a teacher can give to the students is to pass their language and their culture. The department equips the students to flourish as a skillful Tamil teachers in future. .

Department of English

English is an important language as it is used in Teaching-Learning process so efficient English teachers are demanded all over the world. In schools, the Children are taught and encouraged to learn all the subjects in English.

The Department has been engaged in improving teaching methods and materials with the requirements of the fast-changing scenario of English language Studies. Spoken English classes are taken thrice in a week. The students are trained to speak in English without hesitation. The students are encouraged to take part enthusiastically in inter-collegiate meet.

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics department will promote and support a comprehensive, innovative and dynamic learning environment that meets the changing needs of schools. The students are encouraged to prepare innovative teaching learning materials.

Department of Physical Science

Science is a process for producing knowledge. The department of physical science equips the student to understand the skills in the teaching of Physical Science and develop them to participate in Brainstorming sessions/forum discussions. Student are taken to industrial visit.

Department of Biological Science

Biology plays an important role in the understanding of complex forms of life. Studying biology is the foundation of all characteristics of life on Earth. The department enables the students to acquire adequate skills in using proper and suitable methods of teaching biology .

The department has well equipped lab where all practical work related to high school and higher secondary school level are carried out and enable the students to develop proper skills in handling equipments and manual.

Department of Computer Science

In this digital era, accession of computer science is an essential part of our life. The department enhances the students to acquire the current trends in computer field and develop interest to use various pedagogical principles in teaching of computer science.

The students obtain in-depth knowledge about teaching of computer science and adopt ICT in teaching Apply the knowledge in actual class – room situation in teaching Computer Science .

Department of History

Ancient cultures devoted much time and effort to teaching their children family history. It was thought that the past helps a child understand who he is. Modern society, however, has turned its back on the past. The history department enables the learners to acquire knowledge about Indian historiography. Imbibe the qualities of history teacher to excel in their profession.

Department Of Commerce

Commerce is at the moment a promising subject as a whole. In the present day world, almost every human activity is related with economy, whether in the shape of trade and industry or commerce and banking. Any concern which has transaction of money, a commerce graduate has his footing there. Commerce has become the lifeline of every country.

The department creates a desirable attitude towards teaching of Commerce and Accountancy subjects. The student teachers are trained in various methods of teaching and their appropriate usages in class room situations.