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Activities Overview

Orientation on Micro Teaching

Micro teaching is a teacher education technique so each and every student is given a vigorous practice in equipping essential micro teaching skill.

Orientation on Teaching Learning Material

To influence the classroom instruction, various teaching learning materials are required for the teachers. Innovative teaching learning materials are taught and trained the students to prepare by themselves.

Orientation on Lesson Plan

Student teachers are explored on Herbatian steps , Components of Lesson plan, Steps in Preparation of Lesson plan, various format of Lesson plan, Instructional Objectives of Lesson plan etc.

Orientation on Teaching Practice

The students are explained the principles to be strictly followed during teaching practice and also valuable inputs and guidance are given to complete their internship successfully without any hurdles.


To have depth knowledge in the subject and to develop the writing skill five assignments have been given in each subject.

Orientation on Test and Measurement

Test and measurement orientation is given to the students to design the blue print and set the question paper for achievement test during teaching practice and statistical analysis of achievement test marks to determine the school students performance during teaching practice.

Orientation on ICT

We offer modern teaching to the students through OHP and LCD. Our faculty members deliver their lectures with Power Point and multimedia presentation.

Orientation on Case Study

During teaching practice the student teachers prepare a case history of a student. The teacher educator explains the outline of a case study and steps to be followed like identification of the problematic student, diagnosing the case, collecting the cumulative record of the student ,conducting the mental test and recommendations for the problem.


Seminars create opportunities for the students to explore topics in more depth. Seminar topic is assigned to every individual student in all the papers. Each and every student should come forward and take the seminar to their peer team members. Concern staff members observe the teaching style of the student and give their feed back to correct their mistakes and proper guidance will be provided. .

August Orientation on B.Ed programme
Orientation on Microteaching
September Orientation on Lesson plan
Orientation on Test &Measurement
Orientation of Case Study
October Orientation on Teaching practice
Orientation on Teaching Learning Material
November Seminar/Conference/Group Discussion
December Citizenship Training Camp Workshop
January Orientation on ICT
February Model Practical Examination
March Model Theory Examination-I
April Model Theory Examination-II