About Us

The Rasipuram Sri Vidya Mandir College of Education is unique of its own kind was started in the year 2007 by the Rasipuram Vivekananda Educational Trust (RVET). The RVET is manned by the elite, pious and philanthropic citizens of Rasipuram. It also runs Sri Vidya Mandir Matriculation and Higher Secondary School at Rasipuram with a student strength of 2400 which adds to its credits in the span of 37 years.

The cherished objective of the founders is to run educational institutions par excellence with this prime objective, man-making education is imparted, by imbibing patriotism with pride and faith in the minds of the students. They are trained to recognize the sense of unity in diversity of our country, sense of right discipline, and love for good conduct and character is cultivated in them. Hindu festivities are celebrated in the college to inspire the religious temperaments in them.

Our mission is the creation of knowledge aimed at finding solution for emerging global tasks and making of a future society, including the cultivation of human resource who will take the initiative. The institution aims with the sole intention of imparting a valuable education to its students inculcating along with the curricular activities, high discipline, and good conduct, with leadership qualities as useful and worthy citizens. The institution has contributed nation building in a great way and evolved successful models of democratization of education, training and capacity building. The institution is keen to harness potential of information and communication technology (ICT) for teaching learning process. We use multimedia approach to impart education to our learners

Units offered in theCollege

No of units Sanctioned Units offered No of students
2007 -2008 to 2014-2015 1 100 students
2015- 2016 to 2017-2018 2 50 +50 students
2017 onwards 1 50 students

Highlights of the Institution

  • E-Learning

    To improve student learning and to teach in innovative method, students are exposed to E-learning.ICT through curriculum integration has a significant and positive impact on the students achievement.

  • English language proficiency / Spoken English Training

    Step-by-step process of learning that includes English grammar learning, sentence building exercises, speaking practice, listening skill and communication skill development. This vigorous program provides more opportunity to converse well in English and ensures the students to build confidence in public speaking and to excel in their profession.

  • Library practice system

    -As acquisition of knowledge depends mostly on reading, Strategy has been adopted for the maximum utilization of the library. The students prepare the assignments, discuss the current news thus it helps them to stimulate intellectual curiosity and widen their knowledge.

  • Mentor tutoring

    Mentor tutoring is a one-to-one caring, supportive relationship between a mentor and a student that is based on trust. The mentor is simply a wise and trusted friend with a commitment to provide guidance and support for the student to develop their fullest potential based on their vision for the future. Our teachers acted as mentor to assess the strengths &weakness of the students and develop positive attitude towards their goal. Proper guidance is given to the students in academic and career development.

  • Yoga and meditation

    To increase the students’ memory power and concentration, and to develop physical & mental health Yoga has been practicing by the students regularly in morning.

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  • Computer education

    Computer skill is provided to all the students, since the teachers should have the ability to run and teach educational programs in technology – driven environment.

  • Citizenship Training programme

    Citizenship education is about enabling people to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own lives and communities. Aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens; concerned about the welfare of others.

    Five days outdoor citizenship training camp has been organized. All the trust members contribute their service in course of conducting the camp. Attendance and participation of the camp is mandatory for all the students. All the activities which are conducted in the five days citizenship camp will help the student – teacher to develop civic sense and social skills. Every day the camp begins with yoga followed by walking for half an hour. Daily two Guest lectures are arranged to enlighten the students on various topic like Human Rights, Fire and Safety, Road safety, Memory& Concentration, Social responsibilities, Disaster management, General awareness

  • Total personality development

    Life skill programmes like Stress Management,Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Communication Skill, Positive Thinking ,Transactional Analysis will be conducted.

  • Proficiency/diagnostic/personality test

    In the beginning of every year, a diagnostic is conducted to assess the prerequisite knowledge of the students and remedial course is conducted to make the students acquire the basic knowledge.

  • Fee Concession

    Economically poor students are given fee concession by the trust members.